EIFS Installation


EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) is a product that is also sometimes called synthetic stucco. It is a multi-layered exterior surface that has long been used in European construction since World War II. Contractors found stucco to be an excellent repair option for buildings broken during the world war. The majority of repairs to European structures were built of stone, concrete, brick, and other comparable sturdy materials. A variety of homeowners might feel their home is produced from traditional stucco when, in truth, the exterior siding is an EIFS installation.

Before manufacturers had produced water-resistant barriers, older buildings had been usual to see a broad range of problems. A typical issue was improperly sealed joints allowing moisture to penetrate walls. This typically leads to significant structural damage to property. Synthetic stucco or EIFS installation began to become popular in Europe for about a quarter-century before it started to be trendy in the U.S. in the 1970s. Consisting of a rigid foam insulation board attached to the structure, topped by a layer of synthetic stucco reinforced with mesh and a textured finish layer, synthetic stucco is pretty inexpensive, energy-efficient, and also waterproof.

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EIFS Stucco Repair

As it’s not an ordinary process, some EIFS stucco Las Vegas contractors advise clients that protecting a wood-frame structure that has a waterproof barrier isn’t an excellent approach. The fact stays that once the leak is released – which it eventually will – the exterior skin traps the water inside the structure, resulting in mold and eventual decay of your house. Additionally, since the problem can’t be related to the cladding against your home, it becomes trickier to hire someone to resolve the issue. Stucco Las Vegas is going to be your one-stop-shop for EIFS stucco repair. Our EIFS installation experts will complete an inspection, perform the necessary EIFS stucco repair, then examine once more to supply a current inspection report. Our EIFS stucco repair knowledge is second to none. We use a waterproof coating behind the foam insulation, gaps, and channels to allow water inside the wall space & ceilings to drain quickly.

Our staff members aren’t phased by a complex task and are continuously prepared to undertake any job. No matter the job, we’re determined to get going. Every process is completed with incredible results that are sure to meet client satisfaction. Stucco Las Vegas has the expertise and knowledge necessary to get the task completed. And as always, we value those who entrust us with their projects. We also provide veneer plaster, framing, striking finishes, and decorative plaster molds. With us, you have many choices with regards to synthetic stucco and EIFS installation in Las Vegas. We keep cash in your pockets. Our costs and charges are affordable and reasonable. We are versatile and work based upon your schedule since we understand you are incredibly busy. We use contemporary methods, equipment, synthetic stucco, and plaster for the best results. Our contractors and staff members are dedicated and friendly, providing you with good customer support.